Community Awareness

Reis Trucking is concerned with the environment and our community. By making a conscience effort to upgrade our equipment we are able to employ the latest clean idle technology in all our company trucks. Each unit is also outfitted with a GPS tracking device that allows us to reduce environmentally harmful and unnecessary out of route miles. The GPS technology also allows us to monitor our trucks speed and route of movement to reduce speeding or driving on unsafe roads. We have also greatly reduced the amount of engine idle time through the GPS technology, further lessening our impact on the environment. The GPS technology coupled with the latest clean idle engine technology allows our drivers and company to be efficient as possible while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.

We constantly strive for safety. Our company trucks are governed to monitor speed, inspected quarterly, outfitted with disc brakes on every axle, equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, and electronic driver logs. All these measures help ensure that our trucks reach their destination in a safe and timely manner. We always keep our customer’s safety, our driver’s safety and the general public’s safety in the forefront of every decision we make, while ensuring we are operating under full DOT compliance.